Church Management

Church Management Church Management

Motivate Members To Get Involved

You need the tools that will encourage members to interact often. ShelbyNext Membership's features like the Group Finder and Mobile App make it easy for your members to get and stay plugged in.

Never Miss Another Follow-Up

Workflows and Interactions in ShelbyNext Membership make sure that every person who comes through your doors is followed up on by setting automated task assignments and emails.

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Giving Giving

Simplify Your Digital Giving

Your donors' faithful giving is vital to your ministry's success. Why not make it easy on them and your finance team by implementing one system that multiple ways to give.

Take Control of Your Giving System

It's easy to get busy and let your giving system take the back seat, but this stuff is too important to not take seriously. ShelbyNext Giving's Resources provide you with the roadmap to back on track.

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Websites Websites

Your Digital Front Door Should Shine

As your digital front door, what type of impression does your website give your visitors? If it is anything but extraordinary, it's time for a refreshed website. Why not have one that is built for churches.

Every Device Matters

In 2015, more people accessed the internet by a mobile device than a desktop computer. Every ShelbyNext Website is guarunteed to look great on both mobile and desktop browsers, giving you more reach.

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Mobile Mobile

Reach Your Congregation Anywhere

ShelbyNext is all about leveraging modern technology to help churches succeed in their mission to expand the kingdom of Christ. Since most people these days have a smartphone, having your very own custom mobile app is like putting your ministry in the pockets of your members.

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