Financials Financials

Built for Ministry Accounting

Why spend the time trying to make a for-profit system fit your non-profit needs? ShelbyNext Financials provides a true all-in-one fund accounting system that complies with both FASB 117 and GAAP.

Manage Your Financials on the Go

ShelbyNext Financials' mobile responsive features make it possible for you to approve/deny purchase orders, manage time off requests, and pay invoices on any device, everywhere you go.

Don't Be Burdened by Tax Season

Year-ends can be haunting for the finance team. Trust ShelbyNext Financials' to get you through it with our year-end guides and always up-to-date taxes and forms.

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Church Management

Church Management Church Management

Automate Your Contribution Journals

ShelbyNext Membership's Contributions feature works seamlessly with ShelbyNext Financials. You'll never have to worry about an incorrect journal when you combine Membership with Financials by ShelbyNext.

Speed Up Your Contribution Entry

Ready to cut the time it takes to enter those weekly contributions in half? ShelbyNext Membership's check scanning utility is the sure way to do it. Our ShelbyTeller add-on can save your entry team even more time. Ask us how.

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Giving Giving

Digital Giving Should Benefit Everyone

We know that digital giving can often be a burden on the accounting team. ShelbyNext Giving is integrated with Membership and Financials so you don't have to spend hours manually entering those gifts.

Reporting for Every Transaction

ShelbyNext Giving provides your finance team with detailed reports so you can easily reconcile every deposit and batch. Giving makes it simple to keep track of approved and declined transactions so you know when to follow-up.

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