Is the digital or internet church really the church?

Some call it the digital church. Others call it the Internet church. In either case, it refers to people joining worship services, and even groups, virtually or digitally. They are not physically present. These some of the major shifts taking place. Any church can have digital worship services with technology today. There are many options […]

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Does Your Tech Team Have a “Cruft Culture”?

Since 1915, Harvard University’s Cruft Laboratory has played host to leading-edge research and historic innovations. The lab was used to research antennas and batteries in the early days. During WWII it was instrumental in the development of radar and sonar. In 1944, the first electromechanical computer was assembled in the basement of Cruft. It was […]

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Tech Tools

5 Tech Tools Every Church Staff Needs

As your church grows, you’ll need the tech tools to help you manage your team, finances, and service elements. You’ll be amazed at how the right tools can launch your communication and productivity into the stratosphere! Here are five incredibly helpful tools: SONGSELECT: This platform from CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) gives you legal access […]

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Volume War

A Survival Guide for Ministry Sound Techs

What do you do when the pastor comes to you and complains about the volume of the worship band? Mike O’Brien holds​ ​a B.A. in Music from Kennesaw State University and Master of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.​ ​He has worked as a producer, engineer, and mixer at Lucko […]

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