June 22, 2018

As your church grows, you’ll need the tech tools to help you manage your team, finances, and service elements. You’ll be amazed at how the right tools can launch your communication and productivity into the stratosphere! Here are eight incredibly helpful tools: SONGSELECT This platform from CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) gives you legal access…


May 21, 2018

Smaller churches are sometimes reluctant to embrace technology and take their churches online. However, having an online technology strategy helps boost member engagement and new church visitors. Odds are, at least part of your church family uses social media and mobile devices often. This means that part of your potential visitors are online too. Connect…


April 30, 2018

With the emergence of smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, how can these AI platforms assist pastors and church tech staff with productivity? Smart assistants, devices, and speakers do have features that could help with church administrative planning and personal organization tasks like calendaring, as well as providing conferencing features for small meetings….


April 23, 2018

Nest, the connected home company acquired by Google for $3.2 Billion, now owns Dropcam. Apparently, Google sees value in people installing video streaming cameras in their homes. Is there an opportunity for such devices in our churches? Or are there dangers that should give us pause? What is Dropcam? The company sells a WiFi connected…

Wireless Microphones

April 16, 2018

Wireless microphones and in-ear systems that use the 600 MHz band, in the United States, will soon be doing so illegally. In some cases, they will stop working altogether. Originally, the FCC said we had until 2020 to replace our gear and stop using the equipment. But then, buried in fine print, it said UNLESS…