Current Social Media Trends

One of the best overviews of current trends in social media was put out this year by WordStream. It was updated in May 2017. Among other fascinating tidbits, it shared that: 83 percent of female Internet users and 75 percent of male Internet users are on Facebook. 22 percent of the world’s total population uses […]

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12 guidelines

12 Guidelines for Church Social Media

Treat everything you share on social media like it’s public – All communication sent digitally (email, social networking sites, notes or posts) is not confidential. It’s so easy for someone to take a screenshot of a conversation or post and share it publicly with others. Keep records – All transcripts of online chats, blogs and […]

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How Would Jesus Use Social Media?

Culture today is very different from culture thirty years ago. More change has occurred in culture between generation z and their parents, generation x, than any other parent/children culture comparison in the U.S. This change is largely due to technology. Technology exposes and grants an access to the world that has never been available before. […]

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