Peter McArthur

July 31, 2017

Joining us all the way from New Zealand is Shelby customer and Supporting Pastor for Elim Christian Centre, Peter McArthur.

In this brief video interview, Peter tells us:

  • what his life was like growing up as a Kiwi
  • why he became a follower of Christ
  • how the church in New Zealand is different from the church in the US
  • what Shelby product he is using and what he hopes to accomplish with it
  • his thoughts on ISC 2017
  • what he’s been doing for fun in Dallas, Texas

Make sure to watch the end of the video to witness a special greeting and thanks to Shelby customers in the American church.

Just click the image above to see this 5 minute conversation, and discover how Shelby is partnering with this growing congregation half-way around the world.

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