January 15, 2014

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It is that time of year again, tax deadline season. These deadlines sneak up all too quickly. We are faced with the harsh reality that there is a lot to be done before January 31st.


I always appreciate a heads up on deadlines, even the most solid and repetitive ones like the tax form deadline. Let this post be your “heads up”. It is time to get this on your to do list.


To eliminate further hassle, take a moment to check out the forms offered by our partner Nelco.  Nelco forms are compatible with our software system to ensure proper alignment which will save much stress and ensure a quick printing process. Here are a few other new features Nelco has to offer:

  • Federal E-File: Electronically file W-2 & 1099 forms to the federal government
  • State Reporting Fulfillment: Direct filing to any state government in the state’s preferred method
  • Recipient Print & Mail Delivery: Forms will be remotely printed and mailed directly to your recipients with only a click of your mouse. Your recipients will also receive an email that will allow them to instantly retrieve their forms from a secure website. 

Have questions? Give them a call at 800-266-4669. It is worth checking this task off the list, the sooner the better.

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