January 24, 2014

ForgivenAs believers we have not reached perfection. Christians are forgiven but far from perfect. We still struggle with sin.


We have been adopted into the family of God. We are His children. Christ’s sacrifice freed us from the debt that we could not pay; the death that we deserved. Though we continue to struggle, God does not look upon us in disgust and disappointment. He does not regret saving us. In the midst of our struggle He lavishes His grace upon us. When we fail, God is simultaneously pouring grace upon us in an extravagant manner. He saved us when we first came to know Him and He has the power to save us from the struggles that are obstructing us today. Do you believe it?


I hope that this truth will resonate deep in your souls and that it would strengthen us to fight against the struggles that are at hand. I also hope that the Lord would help us understand this truth so that we can pass it on to others. As we prepare to serve others this weekend let us be filled with his grace so we can, in turn, lavish this grace upon His creation.


Watch this Sermon Jam video about Forgiveness from Pastor Matt Chandler. Turn the volume up loud and get lost in the grace that is available to all.  

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