April 26, 2011

Take a look at some big events that have happened on April 26…

  • 1993- It is announced that Conan O’Brien will replace David Letterman on NBC
  • 1992- The final episode of ABC’s “Growing Pains” airs
  • 1991- ABC premieres the show “Dinosaurs” (“Not the mama!”)
  • 1990- Nolan Ryan threw his 12th one-hitter and ties Rob Feller’s record
  • 1990- China experiences a 6.9 earthquake, killing 126 people
  • 1986- Actor/body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger marries newscaster Maria Shriver
  • 1926- Russia and Germany sign a neutrality/peace treaty
  • 1654- Jews are expelled from Brazil
  • 1564- William Shakespeare is baptized
  • 1514- Copernicus makes his first observations of Saturn
  • 757- Paolo Orsini replaces his brother, Pope Stephen II, as Paul I

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