January 12, 2011

If you have noticed the strange black and white squares showing up on a lot of the ads and household products around you- and you have no idea what they are- I’ve got your answer for you. If you haven’t noticed… maybe you will now. And you’ll be ahead of the curve, since it is still a new idea to most people.

Actually, these were created in 1994, but it seems like a lot of the world is still unfamiliar. That’s my take at least. Here is my best explanation…

These squares (as pictured) are called QR codes. A QR code stands for Quick Response… and it is actually a two-dimensional barcode. The information encoded in the QR code can be a URL or text and it can be read on your smartphone (or phone with a camera) or a QR scanner. If you want to read one from your phone, you simply get an app that can read the codes and hold your phone about six inches away from it. It will take you to the website that is embedded in the code.

Short and sweet. I love the technologically advanced things that people create. Seems a lot like the new way to pay for something by using your phone. Smart AND dangerous since most of us have our phones glued to the palms of our hands…

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