November 17, 2010

In everyday life, you often hear people complaining about bad customer service, hidden fees or slow responses. Because of this, you can see many companies setting new goals or marketing strategies to resolve (or hide) these issues. Those tactics don’t ever seem to work very long and the companies still lose credibility if their customer service is… er… inadequate.

One of our main focuses is keeping our customers happy and progressive. This cannot be done if you are spending too much time trying to figure out a product or avoid its glitches. We never want your experience with Shelby Systems to be like that, so we offer things like a support line that is open seven days a week for our Arena products (five days for Shelby v.5), as well as free training that we include when you choose to do business with us. The reason we are here is to make sure that you are satisfied and your needs are met. We have online support as well as podcasts and blogs (cough cough) to keep you up-to-date with what we are doing and why it is relevant to you. We also have email support with all of our new updates and how-to information. For a more hands-on experience, we offer training at our headquarters in Memphis, TN, or we can send a trainer to you for help.

In my opinion, too much time is spent nowadays sitting on hold or listening to a recording over the phone. Customer service is what determines a lot of an organization’s success, and we want to put the pride that we have in our company right into your ministry. If you need assistance with your Shelby Systems product or have questions about purchasing a Shelby product, please contact us today!

2 responses to “Service from Shelby”

  1. I have always felt that Shelby’s customer service crew is excellent in their depth and breadth of knowledge on the product. Nowadays (with fewer resources in-house–time and human), we need help on the fly. It is difficult to call and hear that I am caller number 8 in the queue when I’m in the middle of trying to resolve an issue. On the other hand, we have been long time users of Shelby financials, and recently converted to membership as well. We have questions in membership primarily, and while a learning curve is to be expected, in these times, we are looking for the most efficient way to get to the information we need. I was surprised to be told recently by a Shelby CSR that there was no resouce available that could help us dig easily and quickly into the Selections and Listings feature of reporting. There must be, right? I think the CSRs should be kept in the loop on what is available as an online resource because this isn’t the first time that I later discovered a resource there after being told there wasn’t one.
    One of the chief reasons we moved our membership from one provider to Shelby was because we felt there CSRs couldn’t keep up with us–again, we demand a lot from our reporting–and my experience with Shelby pre-dates my position here at Bethesda. I have great confidence in you all; I could just use a bit better service in getting what I need more directly/quicker. I know that sounds demanding–but, that is the world I work in and I need to service my constituents at the same level I am asking from Shelby. Thanks for all you do SO well.

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and to comment on your experiences with Shelby Systems. We are always wanting to know what our customers are thinking and this is a great opportunity to take an issue that you are having and fix it. We have always focused on making our company purpose to be about our clients. This kind of feedback is informative and constructive for us and others who might have the same sort of questions.

    Two ways to get more information on our features would be to check out our resource center ( the training that we provide online ( Our resource center is part of the Shelby Community site and it consists of 12 buttons that can answer a variety of questions that you may have. The online training is a quick way to get personal training from a Shelby trainer via the Internet and your phone line.

    On another note, I hope that this site will be beneficial to you and anyone else that follows our blog, and I hope that we can continue to connect to one another in order to keep moving forward! Thanks!

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